If you go grocery shopping with the church van, the flea market is a good place for fruits and vegetables.

Otherwise, you can get fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmer's market, which is behind the stadium. They have retails but mostly for wholesale, so it's better if several people can share the products, such as a big box of tomatoes…etc. They have good cheap watermelons!

If you need to get grocery at supermarket, Walmart is a chep place. But, it doesn't offer discounts very often. So if you want to save money, you can pay attention to the printed Ads from other stores. Walmart does price match for the exact same product!

Foodlion at 5 points is within walking distance. It's convenient and the price is not bad for their discount products.

If you want some Chinese vegetables, besides Hong Chang Hang, you can try some of the korean stores. They are located on Decker Blvd.

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