Getting Around If U Have No Car

The City Bus

The Number 8 city bus (Rose Hill) goes by the HIS house. You can catch the #8 bus near the House and go to the Main Transit Center at Sumter and Laurel Streets. This won’t take very long.

Then you can take the #34 bus (Saint Andrews) to the Columbiana Mall. You will be on this bus for almost an hour. On the way, you will pass the Boozer Shopping Center and Dutch Square Mall. Dutch Square Mall was Columbia’s first mall, and it’s a little older, but it does have a Belk’s department store, movie theater, etc. Both Boozer and Dutch Square have numerous restaurants, chain stores, clothing and shoe stores, Chinese restaurants, etc. You will also pass a big Richland County Public Library.

USC service

all you need to know
pay special attention to the evening shuttle and Escort service(like a free taxi).

Cocky's Caravan, Late-Night Weekend Transportation System for Students

"clickable" shuttle map
Next bus (not that accurate)

All Day Routes ..

Chinese Church Van

weekly trips to Walmart and a Chinese Store

从8/22周六开始,秋季买菜服务恢复成一周一次,每个礼拜六9:30从Carolina Gardens’ mailbox 准时出发,请提前等车。欢迎乘坐。

从8月9号开始,每周日会有车接送感兴趣的朋友到中国教会。欢迎到教会与我们一同参加主日崇拜。接送时間, 地点为:
9:40 am at Carolina Gardens' mailbox on Whaley Street; and
9:45 am in front of Russell House on Greene Street.
Return time will be around 1:45 pm.
午餐后约1:45 pm回家。
欢迎乘坐。请提前于上述时間, 地点等车
聯絡人:王璞 803-338-6799

Chinese Christian Church of Columbia
2367 Klapman Road
West Columbia, SC 29169

Biking and walking

Most of streets in the U.S. don't have bike lane, so it's a bit dangerous to ride a bike here as drivers tend to drive fast and ignore bikers.

Make sure your bike's rear reflection light works well if you use it at night.

I suggest you walk and ride bike on LEFT side of streets so that you can see the upcoming traffic.
[I don't think so. According to the traffic rule, we should ride a bike on the Right side of the road, not on the left. However, it is not safe to ride a bike on some main street/road as mentioned above. Besides, wear a helmet may better protect your brain during an unexpected accident.]
[This is ok for small streets. Never ride bikes against the traffic on big streets. It's both illegal and dangerous.]

Riding a bike on sidewalks is technically illegal, but the police hardly ever enforce this law. On a big street, breaking a minor law by riding on the sidewalk is better than risking your life from being hit by a fast moving car.

CCFI - Columbia Council for Internationals

CCFI can help with free furniture, and furniture transportation. They are very nice people, consist mostly of older Americans, members of different churches or organizations here. They have (or used to have) a warehouse somewhere in West Columbia, and they can help you carry the items you picked to your home.

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