on campus
Carolina Production has events all year around. Most of them are at Rusell House.
Your tuition paid for them so enjoy them.

FREE movies in Rusell House Theater.
mostly new movies released in the past half year.

off campus
many bars at five points

if you plan to go to bars, or places whee you can have alcohol, y
ou need an ID that shows your age.If you don't have a drivers license or beginner permit, you can get a "South Carolina State ID". It looks kind of similar to a drivers licence, but it is green instead of red. It is easy enough to get (from the DMV), it costs about $12 or so. Otherwise, you would have to carry your passport with you - easy to lose and hard to replace. ID's like USC ID, chinese driving license (specially if you have a cn driving license with no english on it), are usually not accepted.

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