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Table tennis
9/16/2010 — I want let all you know the table tennis club was relocated to Blatt P.E Center(old gym) and it is accessible to more people. Now, people who have the carolina card are eligible to play in this club. We practice from 4:00pm-8:00pm in Room 308 on every Friday. If you plan to join in, please come by during the practice time. Table tennis has the balls to play and you need bring your own paddle.
xing peng

9/1/2011 By Daniel Du
Hey Guys,
FYI, “USC Tennis Group” QQ群:32702657
1. 方便大家约球,每周都有活动;
2. 技术上有不懂的还可以相互交流经验,群里高手很多哦;
3. 若有需要可请教练来辅导,分摊费用;
Mingzhe Du



Recruiting Notice for the USC Soccer Society

This is a last recruiting notice of the USC Soccer Society for the 2009 fall semester. We are going to have this week's weekday game (6:00pm Wednesday) and weekend game (6:00pm Saturday) "Welcome Games" for the new members and people who want to stop by and see what we really are. Please check the link at the very bottom for the game field location.

USC Soccer Society Official Blog:

USC Soccer Society History

Some of you may know that the USC Soccer Society have been starting to play soccer every weekend (usually Saturday afternoon) regularly since 2000 or even earlier. Furthermore, we recently launched the weekday game and there will be soccer game on every Wednesday afternoon too (usually after 5:00pm depending on the sunset time).

The USC Soccer Society is composed by about 20 regular plays who come every time, and 10~15 infrequent players. We are one great family and welcomes fresh blood into the team every now and then, please come and join us if you like playing soccer. We play for Fun and Fitness Without Competition , so don't worry about anything. Although currently the main population of this soccer society are Chinese students, we are still a diversity group with people from the US, Thailand, Turkey and Hispanic countries.

Contact Info:

If you are interested in joining us, please contact Jiayu Wang (统爷) at moc.liamg|uyaijgnaw#moc.liamg|uyaijgnaw and provide us with your basic information (Name / Email address). We'll put you into our soccer game maillist and send game time notice to you.

Game Place:

The track & field near South Marion St. and Crestwood Dr.
(Beside the USC Baseball Field)

1400 Crestwood Dr
Columbia, SC 29205

Please click the link below for Google Map street view.,-81.020629&spn=0,359.980774&z=16&layer=c&cbll=33.984917,-81.020672&panoid=697GLT3YO4a6W8NjtjPfgA&cbp=12,194.73075663057477,,0,5.401785714285716


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