All you need to know about living in Columbia

Why this site?

While site is created for us who study, work, and live in Columbia. Many of us attend USC now or in the past. This site try to serve the as a place of information sharing.
This's NOT an offcial FACSS project, but it's hoped to be a good supplement to FACSS's service and her website( which's down at this moment. )

What do you see here?

Mainly information related to local life, even though many time, it's hard to distingulish them from more general info. So just any information you think might be useful.
Other good sources about living in US, please check and

Who put content here?

You the one reading the page right now!
This's a wiki site which can be edited by ANYONE.
I am sure you heard, the best encyclopedia ever, created and maintained by everyone on interenet.
This site is a mini-effeort for us.
The beauty of wiki is collecting everyone's knowledge and helping out everyone. And it's easy to do so in such a way.
So if you see some info here is useful, you should be thankful to those who spent their time to write here. And the best to way to say "thanks you" is to simply add something useful you know also.
The world around us is changing fast, the information here could be outdated very quickly. If you see it, spend one min to update it or add something so that others can benefit.
It's your contribution make the site alive!

How do I contribute?
See some help on the left panel.
If you want to the add anything, just click "edit" at the bottom of any page.
Do "preview" before you "save" any chnage.
hint: If you are writing a long paragragh, it's better to finish it in a notepad, then copy paste on the site. This way can prevent some website malfunction from wasting your time.

Any rule here?

Like in every playground, there're rules which purpose is to protect the fun.

So far the only thing I can think of is just to respect others' opinoins.
Please keep in mind many things here are subjective. Most of them are from personal experience.
For example, you may like living Columbia, or you may not. It's your personal experince.
Another example, somebody may think Gerden is better place to live than Cliff, others may think it's just the opposite.
So for writers, feel free to put any opinoin you have here, but don't Delete and modify others content, unless you think it's outdated or totally fasle information. This wiki is anonymous for ease use, but you are free to leave your name behind the content you put in if you think it's sort of controversial topic and your 2 cent could bias others.
I suggest that you seperate your opinion from others by a line. look example here
For readers, please look both side of arguments if there's different opinons and read the "fine print" below.

There may be more rules coming, we will see.

The fine print
No one, I mean NO ONE is reponsible for any loss you have because you do something "according to" what it's said on the site. Make your own judgment with some common sense.

Any question? ask zhaozhiwen at

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